There are a variety of treatments to deal with gallstones. The more common ones are outlined below.

Gallstone Treatment

Treatment 1: Surgery

Surgery is one way to remove gallstones. It can be costly and comes with the risks associated with surgery. Surgery is often a last resort for someone in severe pain.

Treatment 2: Drugs

Drugs to dissolve the gallstones are available. These drugs can take up to a year to work and the gallstones often come back. While the gallstones are dissolving the patient will experience all the symptoms. This is a slow, agonizing way to get rid of gallstones.

Treatment 3:  Natural (Recommended)

Natural cleanses are a safe, painless, and proven way to remove gallstones and are very inexpensive. Cleanses are a great preventative measure which will ensure surgery and drugs will never be needed. Cleanses occur in the comfort of your own home.

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Gallstone Removal Recommendation

As with most things prevention is the best medicine. Every patient who has done the natural gallstone cleanse has passed hundreds of gallstones. Even if you have no symptoms now, riding your body of gallstones like the ones in these pictures will ensure that you never have gallstone related problems.

gall stones

These gallstones were passed after this patient’s fourth cleanse. Often multiple cleanses are needed to completely rid your body of gallstones.

The Gallstone Cleanse

The natural cleanse uses common items available at the grocery store. The only other thing needed is the ActiveCleanse powder, available for the modest price of $30.00.

NOTE: malic acid is the active ingredient in apple juice that softens the gallstones, making them easy and painless to pass. Malic acid powder is available for those individuals who do not want the calories and sugar that is in apple juice. Visit the store to purchase malic acid.

By following the gallstone removal procedure you will pass hundreds if not thousands of gallstones in a 12 hour period. It is completely painless. The pictures below
are the results of one cleanse. You can see the hundreds of green gallstones. The green ones are younger, uncalcified stones. The larger white ones are older calcified stones.

Some patients pass tan gallstones. The green gallstones float and are easy to see in the toilet. The white and tan stones sink.


Basic natural ingredients are easy to obtain.

apple juice and olive oil

The Basic Components
100% pure apple juice, cold pressed virgin olive oil, pink grapefruit

(note: pure malic acid powder, the active ingredient in apple juice,
can be used instead of apple juice. Less sugar and calories. You can buy
malic acid powder in the store)

All you need to add to the above ingredients is a packet of ActiveCleanse powder, cost is $27.97 each.

colon cleanse kit ActiveCleanseAll Natural Ingredients

  • Malic Acid
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Elemental Magnesium
  • Norit Supra E Activated Carbon

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